In Memoriam 

Our dedicated collegue, Dr. Barry L. Samson, died July 2,2015 after a 13 year battle with multiple myeloma. Dr. Samson was an excellent orthopedic spine surgeon. After being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Samson provided non-surgical care for patients for many years. He was widely recognized by his colleagues and patients for his outstanding knowledge, compassion, wit and character. Dr. Samson graduated from Washington University Medical School in 1974. He completed his fellowship training in spine surgery at the University Hospital of Cleveland in 1979.  He practiced orthopedics in the St. Louis Metropolitan area until 2014. He was tremendous supporter of the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation locally and nationally. Dr. Samson was a respected physician, colleague, and friend to many. He will be greatly missed in our office by both his patients and our staff. 


Patients in the care of Dr. Samson will be resumed by Dr. David B. Robson and Jayne L. Aschen PA-C.



Need another reason to stop smoking? 

A 2012 research study at the University of Rochester Medical Center revealed that patients experienced lower pain levels with spinal disorders if they stopped smoking during their course of care. The study focused on 5333 patients with axial or radicular pain from a spinal disorder.  The research study compared patients who smoked with patients who stopped smoking or never smoked. The results showed that patients who were current smokers reported significantly greater levels of pain over non-smokers. But, most importantly, patients who quit smoking during their treatment also reported a significant improvement their in pain levels. While the patients who continued to smoke throughout their care showed no clinically, significant improvement in their pain levels. This study supports the need for smoking cessation programs for patients with painful spinal disorders.The medical staff at Comprehensive Spine Care will continue to encourage our patients to stop smoking. This study confirms doing so is another way to experience less pain. Click here to read the published study.


9 for Spine- Basic Tips

While your back is a complex system of bones, nerves, discs, muscles and other tissues, keeping it healthy actually is fairly straightforward. A survey of North American Spine Society members revealed the top nine “back-to-basics” tips spine experts wish their patients followed. For more information on keeping your back healthy, visit

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9 for Spine-Reality Checkup: 9 Myths of Back Pain

As experts on the front lines of back pain, members of the North American Spine Society (NASS) have heard just about everything from their patients. A survey of NASS members revealed the top nine myths their patients believe about back pain and its treatments. For more information on keeping your back healthy, visit

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CSC attends NASS Spine Conference

Dr. David Robson and Jayne Aschen attended the 2012 North American Spine Society (NASS) Conference held in Dallas on October 25th and 26th.

Spine Specialists gathered for symposium discussions on the latest research and innovative procedures in spine care.


CSC attends ACMA- Gateway Chapter Case Management Conference

ACMA conference boothComprehensive Spine Care attended the American Case Management Association, Gateway Chapter Conference on August 29th, at the St. Louis Ballpark Hilton Hotel.

We met work case managers from across the bi-state area.

Jayne Aschen, our physician assistant, and Katrina Penilla, our front office receptionist, were at the conference to answer questions about appointment scheduling and follow-up care for patients with work related spine injuries. Conference attendees who stopped by the booth received promotional hospitality gifts and and opportunity to enter a raffle for a gift card.


CSC profiled in St. Louis Magazine's Best Doctors' 2012 Issue

 Two of our spine specialists, Dr. David B. Robson and Jayne L. Aschen, our Physician Assistant, were featured in an office profile in the St. Louis Magazine's Best Doctor's Issue.


We have a new name and look to our office.

CSC Office Waiting Room

If you haven't been in the office for a while, you'll probably notice a few changes.

We've added some new comfy chairs and cheerful colors to our office decor.

Your pre-appointment time should now be a little more comfortable with our new lumbar pillows and a cold bottle of water.